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What I know for sure, in no particular order.

*You are constantly reuniting with your true self.

*Your actions and feelings will follow your thoughts.

*Teach only after you have learned.

*Let love, love YOU.

*You are kept safe.

*It doesn't matter if we deserve it, if it's your purpose fulfill it.

*Time alone is ESSENTIAL!

*Ask yourself "why" a lot. Assessing your own intentions helps make sure the actions that follow are not only purposeful, but true to your authentic self too.

*Hugs are a must.

*A listening ear can speak more than words most of the time.

*Food can be medicine and it can also be prevention.

*Synthetic medicine has its place, it's just not always 1st place.

*Energy is REAL! We produce it, attract it, emit it and store it. We can also rid it and change it.

*Be daring! Take chances!

*Your soul does not have a "mate" (soulmate) even if you mind says so. (more on this later)

*Your mind is liar... 99 % of the time. Your gut is not!

*You have to let the world be kind to you. Be kind to the world too!

*There is no right or wrong decision, when the decision is made with pure intentions. God is in it!

*Your body talks to you all of the time, make sure you're in tune enough to listen to it.

*Everything takes time! Read that again.

*You need friends!

*Your friends need you!

*Love is truly the greatest gift.

*No dream is too big.

*Life happens FOR you not TO you.

*Healing is a personal choice.

xoxo Tia

—Originally published March 1, 2020—

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