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Tia Hawkins Tea Talks With Tia

Tia Hawkins  RN, BSN

Tia Hawkins Tea Talks With Tia

Hi I’m Tia your Transformational Nurse Wellness Coach. No matter how you found your way here, I’m certain you won’t leave the same! If you look around here you can find some of  my professional accolades but I want you to know that what I do stems  from both my personal and professional life experiences. There is no better teacher of life, than life itself and trust me I’ve had a great number of classes. A gift of strong intuition also helps me understand others on a deeper level.


If you find me open about my life experiences that’s because I want my clients to  feel safe, understood and calm when we begin our work together. Everyone has a story and that story is a curriculum for someone else. I also want them to know I’m a real human with relatable experiences and understanding as well as a professional here to help them on their journey. 


I strongly advocate for wellness, mental health, equality, inclusion, personal growth and self-discovery. Helping others overcome mental blocks and barriers by introducing them to their own power and full potential to create lasting change is my purpose!


Take a look around! Let’s chat over a cup of tea and create the magical life you deserve! 

Author Tia Hawkins Tea Talks With Tia

Tia's most recent accomplishment is having her essay The Hellos and Goodbyes Are Hard Every Time make print in the instant bestselling book "So God Made A Mother", written by Leslie Means which hit shelves in April 2023.

Tea Talks With Tia Hawkins

Dive into the Collection of books, films and info for mental health and wellness.

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Tia Hawkins Tea Talks With Tia

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Tia Hawkins Tea Talks With Tia
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