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I feel so official! I have been writing for a longggg time, however I have only written for myself. I have never written for an audience so that's changing and I have never been much of an extrovert, so that may be changing too. I'm excited and nervous. I have a brief bio

(of sorts) if you scroll down and I am open to any questions you may have along the way through the "Ask She Wrote" submission form. Thanks for taking a peek here. I truly hope to fill this blog with not only experiences and wisdom, but also resources and community support. We are all in this together, near or far. One world, all human, all experiencing life in the most uncertain and unique ways. We have all shared the same emotions, feelings, thoughts and fears at some point in our lives and that really does connect us. My prayer is that we can use what connects us to help guide, teach and uplift each other up as well.



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