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"Truth never damages a cause that is just" ~ Mathama Gandhi

There was a time when I put on the facade of modern day society. On the outside everything seemed pretty picture perfect, husband, kids, know how it "looks". During that short lived attempt, I realized how much of myself I was losing. I must say, it wasn't an all of the sudden moment, it was very gradual and at first I wouldn't have even called it a realization. I will pour out more details of this time in my life in bits and pieces throughout this blog, but this post right here is just a quick reminder to myself and to you that we are all beautifully flawed. Our stories of hardships, trials and life's imperfections are the catalyst to what helps others. Being transparent with you is so important to my entire mission with this blog. Some days my posts may recite a biblical passage and be super articulate and motivating, the next day I may struggle to find words and resort to mild profanity to describe whatever it is I'm experiencing. I won't candy coat reality from my view, I tried it before and ironically enough, it tasted really sour. We were not designed to live cookie cutter lives with no challenges. In fact, the word specifically tells us in John 16:33 (NLT) "Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows." So while we are scrolling our social media accounts, looking at all those perfect 'cookies' know that it is inevitable that they will crumble, just like I did or maybe they already have. There is no joy in the crumble I can attest to that, but there is definitely joy in the sweetness of returning to your true self, unless of course, you never loose sight of her to begin with.




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