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The Last One…

The last one.

We talk a lot about the first one, the one who made us a mother and showed us that “new love” we never knew existed. We talk about the middle one too. The one that usually has the shine through personality and is everything opposite of the first. Sometimes there’s more than one “middle”, all unique in their own special ways and then there are the affectionately called “babies”….the last one. This is the one that closes the heart and the womb all in the name of safe keeping.

When I had my last one I was forever changed again, but this time…for the last time. Depending on how your children are spaced out you may be a little older or a lot older by the time the last one comes, either way you are definitely more experienced and a hell of a lot more tired. Patience has been acquired but it’s also been spent.

The last one gets things the others didn’t, not because they are the favorite but because their timing was right.

The last one makes you soak up the moments a little longer and pick your battles a little better.

The last one gets what’s left of you and sometimes you feel like that’s not much.

Conversely, The last one gets what’s left and that’s why sometimes it looks like more.

The last one reminds you of how far you’ve come and still, how far you have to go.

It seems the last one gets away with more because us parents have learned to overcompensate less.

The last one can test us to no ends as a reminder that even still, we don’t know it all.

The last one brings back pieces of who we were before we had kids because we realize the fun didn’t have to end, when parenting began.

The last one hugs a bit longer as if they know not to let go too soon.

The last one may be loved a little more out loud but I promise it is not more.

We can’t help but savor the last child like we savor the last chocolate. We have enjoyed each of them one by one, but when the last one goes, we fear we will be empty.

The last one is the last time for so many things….but they also fill us up on so much more.

The last one….


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