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The Bright Side of Now!

The world today is different than the world we knew last week.  We will never be, going forward, where we are today or where we were a month ago.  I say this collectively as an American.  Individual families may experience challenges and traumatic events at various times but when was the last time everyone you knew and everyone you didn't know were experiencing the same exact thing?  When was the last time everything stood still?  9/11 as horrific as it was, may have come close but even that tremendous tragedy did not have comparative consequences on America that the Corona Virus is having, and will have for the months and years to come.  It is interesting to witness the lack of faith people have about God, spirituality, energy and prayer because they are unseen by the naked eye, yet there is no doubt about a virus that can lock down the entire world in less than 2 weeks that is also invincible to that same vision.  Are the miracles that happen every day not equivalent to the sickness that also takes place?  Sometimes we just need to expand our vision. We need to see what we cannot. How many of us in the past month alone have had schedules so packed that we wished time could slow down or that our days had more hours?  How many of us have snoozed the alarm for a few more minutes and wished we could lay in bed and watch tv all day.  Not because we are lazy but because we are overwhelmed, overstimulated, overworked and overstressed! Can anyone honestly say they haven't sat in their car for an extra 5 minutes just to regroup before the chaos of home meets the chaos of the job you just left?  How many times have you asked for time to pause, to slow down or just to stop because damn it you need to catch your breath and breathe? Maybe God, the universe or whatever name you prefer to use is actually listening, collectively to us all and answering.  Maybe everyone's prayers and pleas have been heard and this is the only way to get you, me, him, her, them, us, to stop, to regroup, to reset and be restored! Maybe this is actually the bright side.  Maybe the silver lining to this dark cloud is the extra time many of us will get with our children outside of a family vacation, or the time we will now get to enjoy nature more intimately.  How about the way we will see neighbor and stranger helping each other and will too, be the neighbor or stranger ourselves.  Perhaps you will find a new love like gardening, painting or reading that you never knew existed. The heaviness of social media may finally be enough to put the electronics away and talk to each other, forget the likes and enjoy the real heart to heart laughs. These new or underused life experiences may be the stress relief the world has been not only craving but genuinely needing.  Small increments of self-care and time together with those you love add up to a happier you, a happier them and ultimately a happier world. What you didn't have time for before, or didn't carve out time to do has been given to you now.  Use this world's current reset as a gift, and use it ever so wisely.  Listen, I know things are not going to be the same for many of us.  I know that it's not all rainbows and lollipos either, I get it... but there really is something good in all of this. I don't pretend to have all the answers, in fact, I don't really have any but what I know intuitively is that everything happens for a reason. Prayers work. People are still good. Perspective is key. So let's try and see the bright side of being blind-sided and then throw it around like glitter.


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