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The Ant from God.

Today started out rough! I’m a planner and my anxiety was starting to get the best of me. The kiddos were fighting, schedules are scattered and everyone had met their max already by noon on DAY 2 here for us. I cried, I prayed and then we went outside. We walked, we talked, we soaked in that beautiful sun and then they seen an ant. ant. I’m not sure why seeing an ant was so intriguing this time but we stopped. We started talking about the ant and where it lived. That ventured into questions about why it was the only ant out and then that led into who sent the ant out (the queen ant maybe?). Then this moment happened. I was able to capture a pure, gentle, lovingly candid and authentic sibling moment of affection all because of an ant. In an instant, this mommas heart was full. They definitely don’t hate each other but they don’t typically do things like this either. Is it because they don’t want to...or is it simply because time hasn’t allowed for these simple, unrushed moments? I’m not sure about the answer but I know today started hard. I also know who God sent to help us cope a bit better today. It wasn’t a human and it wasn’t an angel. God sent an ant y’all. So thank you ant for bringing out the best in us. Thank you ant for showing me that there is calm in the chaos, and most importantly, thank you ant for reminding me that big things can come in the smallest of packages. 🐜 ☀️ ❤️


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