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September 20,2021 Mommin’ Hard

I am MOMMIN’ HARD beautiful people, just like so many of you. I see you! I feel you! I hear you too…..

-in parking lots

-at bus stops

-at school drop off

-at the baseball field

-in the grocery store

-in the dance studio

Talking to anyone just to remind yourself that you are human and not a robotic Uber programmed by the day. School started, schedules are new, and full! Everyone already needs a break and yet we all just started. You are not alone.

I’m currently sitting in a parking lot at baseball practice coming straight from dance pick up. I am TIRED….today was full from sun up to sun down (literally). I just recounted my day as I was writing this and it made me exhausted all over again, but there are reasons why we do what we do, why we do ALL that we do.

Today I go…Tomorrow I rest…and I hope you do too.💜


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