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“Seek Me and Let Go”~ Spirit

When God speaks you’re supposed to listen right? Well what happens when your listening but your not acting? I’ll tell you what happens, nothing. Not a single thing. Nothing happens because you can’t just listen. If you’ve gotten to a place where you can hear and distinguish the whispers of God but are still struggling then this is for you! Friends, you have to answer the call, act on the command and give up whatever it is that’s been clouding you’re vision or holding you back. You have to be willing to let it all go. Once God reveals something to you, the choice is still yours. What are you going to do? Maybe your praying for a prayer that’s already been answered but you can’t receive it because you haven’t put down the past. Set that old baggage down and and walking into the blessings that await you. They are already there! 💕

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