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Rewrite it!

Do you see it? The opportunities? The chances?

While the world is chaotically (yet necessarily) resetting we have been given gifts. Very generous and unmistakably large gifts.

What gifts are these you say?

The gift of time.

The gift of patience.

The gift of stillness and silence in order to hear the small subtle voice within shift us from the hurried path of life we were on, to a more peaceful path of fulfillment.

The gift to rewrite how our stories play out with intention rather than automatic recollections.

Is it comfortable? No

Was it planned? No

Do we want too? Perhaps

Should we want too? Yes

Is it worth it? Yes

Can we really rewrite it? Absolutely

If we take a look at all we have missed, all we have done without and all we have survived the past few months in a global quarantine, then it should be obvious to see that we are undoubtedly equipped to handle and make unexpected changes even though they may bring along discomfort.

Comfort I may add is a strange place. Frequently, we feel it even in the most dysfunctional and unhealthy of places. This is not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well. Sometimes, like now for example, we have to be ripped from the comfort of the chaos and enter a new way of living....or maybe it’s an old way, so we can be our true and authentic selves.

Hard things are conquered in hard times. It’s getting through them that tells the story of how what was going to be, turned into what is supposed to be. Hard times make us search within. Hard times let us rewrite the narrative, rewrite our legacy and ultimately rewrite forevers history.

So today, will you begin to rewrite your story?

Nevermind....don’t answer that.

The day the world changed you already just keep going. 💝 ✍️

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