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Let Them Die!

Of all the dreams you’ve dreamt while sleeping how many of them have happened? Weather it’s a “good” or “bad” dream, we usually wake up and are quickly able to move about our day as the memory of the dream fades away and life moves on. We don’t t pick it apart for hours on end. We don’t relive it over and over or let it consume us with angst or even joy for that matter. Some of us don’t even remember having dreamt. It’s like a mist that we are subconsciously comfortable letting go of.

So why then, do we not have the same bounce back with negative thoughts? Why can so many of us let the positive thoughts fade like we do our dreams yet we hold on to our negative ones? It’s like we velcro them to our minds, making it harder for us to rid them.

Thoughts are like dreams, they just happen while we are awake.

Yes, let that soak in.

All thoughts, like dreams will fade, mist then die too. If I asked you what all of your thoughts were on Monday could you tell me? What about if I asked you about your Monday dream? Most of us could not recollect either. So why then do we hoard worry, when all worry does (if we let it) is die too, just like our dreams....yet here we are still living?

We don’t choose our dreams but we can create them.

We don’t choose our thoughts but we can change them.

Choose what thoughts you want to Velcro wisely because......While we rise, they surely die.

Let them!

Blessings~ Tia

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