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Let’s Talk Chores - Part 2

Part 2- Chores (See yesterday’s part 1 post to catch up)

So what did I do? I kept the same organized dry erase chore chart (link below) and erased the entire color coded beautiful mess. I told them each to pick a different color dry erase marker for the week. We discussed all the different chores they were already familiar with and new ones they could do.

The instructions were simple. Every day, there needs to be a minimum of 4 chores written by each of them in their color of choice after the chore is completed. They also could not repeat a chore written by their sibling in the same day but they would get credit for working together to get a chore done. THAT IS IT!

This is a game changer in our home folks!

This has been not only effective but also motivational! They are much more independently efficient getting their chores done this way. For example, my daughter knows she has dance most days after school and our no excuse policy has helped her understand that getting up 10 minutes earlier in the morning to unload the dishwasher is worth it to her so she doesn’t have to do it after dance when she may be tired. I have overheard them discussing who will do what and who will take on a certain chore on a certain day. They have worked in unison to get dinner cleared and the dishes done.

I have found that my kids are more cognizant of messes when they know it’s a mess they will need to clean. They are negotiating the night before or the morning of, about who is going to do a particular chore to make it fair and complete.

I’m not going to say that they love doing chores. I mean, who really does? What I am saying though is that they realize the responsibility is in their hands and that it’s some thing that they just have to get done. There is little to no complaining, there is no blame to pass if they don’t do their part and there is an acceptance of being accountable and responsible that was much more challenging before the ball was put in their court, so to speak.

I simply realized that they don’t need us to micromanage them all the time. They will figure it out. I promise. If they can learn how to do a TikTok or fine coordinate their fingers to play a video game they most definitely can learn how to perform the life skills they will always need. I know how hard it is to let go sometimes and watch them need us less, really I do. My mama heart both breaks and expands as they grow. I also know that the world will not cater to them the same way we do or once did. The way to help them now is simple, prepare them for later.

🧹 Communicate the expectation.

🧽 Answer their questions.

🛏 Clarify when needed.

🗑 Let them learn through repetition.

In the meantime, you get to watch them turn from a seed to a sprout, then to a bud and before you know it that beautiful flower that grew...has been watered by you.😊

*This is the chore chart we use. It’s an Amazon steal but even a homemade chart will do the job.

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