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June 7, 2020 I Am Who God Says I Am.

A little word for our Sunday Souls ✨

Our plans only go so far....then there are God’s. My degree says I am a Registered Nurse. My God says I am a Writer/Speaker. The course of how one turned into the other came with a lot of kicking and screaming (God, please I really don’t want to write).

There have been many bargaining attempts (Can’t I do both?) I’ll even admit to some pretty heavy childlike refusal (No, I’m just not going to do it)! Ultimately, God wins and I surrender. I finally can say I want his will for my life more than my own.

After all, what do I know compared to ALL that he does?

Our life plans are ever changing but God’s plans... they have always remained the same. From birth, his purpose for your life has never wavered; the question is if you will answer his call.

Do you feel there is a calling on your life aside from what you’ve planned or what you’re doing now? Do you feel God is nudging you in a different direction? If so, GO! No matter how insanely ridiculous or far fetched it may seem, GO! Do not stop (and don’t collect $200 either 🤪) just GO! His plans are far more fulfilling, purposeful and serving than ours could ever be. The desire will come and so will will the power, you just have to get on board.

Blessings 💕

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