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June 5, 2020 Transformation!🦋

Thank you for being here!!! This is an older post that refreshed itself today. It’s even more valid now than it was then. I hope it helps someone today. 💕

Transformation! I think I’m finally beginning to understand the beauty in the process. In the past I have been so “ black or white” as they say. I seen things as very one way or the other with no in between, I was either happy or I was sad. There was no gray (color of the process). I’m sure that’s because the process usually brings uncertainty and for people like myself who love to feel that they are in control, it also heightens anxiety and causes fear. Fear, however does NOT protect us. Fear only robs us of our ability to live our very best life.

It’s clicking though, those gray seasons are the growing pains of life. Although challenging, when I’ve gotten to the other side of certain seasons, the light emerges. I understood why the pain was the catalyst to the triumph! An example is this very page. I would not have ever had this page had it not been for some very dark hours shared with grief, resentment, anxiety, pain and lots of fear. If me sharing parts of my journey here has helped any of you or anyone else through an hour, day or week then nothing has been in vain. We need to understand that our souls are wiser than our brains. We need to get in tune with our souls and out of our heads. Sometimes we are forced to do this in uncomfortable ways, but it’s because our wings are forming and we are shedding the pains of the past. For some that happens quickly and others it seems like forever. Regardless of the timetable, a better version of you is on the way, everyday! Even with setbacks, we are making comebacks! We live in a fallen world. It’s a gift to get through trials and hardships! So, when your in your cocoon, in the gray area that still seems so dark (let’s face it, it’s not off -white)let those wing buds develop...soon you’ll be flying and the old you will be unrecognizable! Let the old you, teach you....but I promise it’s ok to LET THEM GO! 🦋

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