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July 10, 2020 Let Go and Live

Letting go of anything or anyone has never been my strong suit. I’m learning however that letting go doesn’t necessarily mean you have to let go of anything or anyone in the way and permanency we think it requires.

What it does mean is being able to:

🔔Let go of any expectations

🔔Release controlling outcomes

🔔Forgive wrong doings but remember them for there lesson(s)

🔔Really give your worries over to God and let him work. We interrupt his process when we take back the worry and then the attempt at control.

🔔STOP judging you’re feelings...they are what they are.

🔔Give yourself the same grace you would give anyone else

🔔Focus on YOU! You cannot take on any other “assignments” until you can fulfill your own.

🔔LOVE!!! However, whenever to whomever (including you) or whatever. When your heart calls upon you to love do not judge that feeling, just respond to it.

What is meant for you will be for you! The only thing we do with our worry and control is extend the time it takes for us to receive our full blessings. When we let go, we are truly trusting God and the universe to do what its instinctively done for millions of years, rather than trusting in our extremely limited human selves.

How will you know you have let go? Well....................

You know you’ve let go when you feel free!! 🐛 🔜 🦋

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