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How Well Do You Follow the Directions?

Have you ever tried to put a good piece of furniture together your own way? Have you ever skipped a step or tried to put it together aside from the enclosed instructions only to have to take it apart and start all over again the way it was intended? We learn quickly right? Many times we are trying to cut out time or we think we have an understanding. It doesn’t take long to realize, we can’t do step 5 before step 1. We begin to understand or even physically see that there was a reason it had to be done in a specific order. Why? Because when we failed to listen and tried it our own way, we didn’t get the desired result.

Whether it’s a piece of furniture or our lives, it operates pretty much the same way. The universe will constantly redirect you.

Today, I want to encourage you to follow the instructions friends....the ones supplied by your spirit, the ones written by God.




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