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How Do You, Talk To You?

Have you ever noticed how you talk to yourself?

Seriously, Do you actually even talk to yourself?

I’m not talking about your automatic thoughts about what’s for dinner and your every day internal dialogue. I’m talking about intentional self talk conversations.

Do you tell yourself you are doing a great job?

Do you tell yourself you love you?

Do you give yourself the same grace you extend to your children?

When you have negative thoughts how do you handle those?

Do you handle them?

I know, I know...a lot of questions?

I ask these questions with hope to have at least helped you assess yourself and possibly become aware of something you may or may not do.

If you don’t talk intentionally and positively to yourself you definitely need too. We all do! Can you imagine how uplifted the energy of our souls and the world would be if we all narrated positive words, affirmations and conversations to ourselves like we do to each other?

Self love is is imperative!

Self love includes intentional and positive

self talk!

Our journeys may be different but our inner voice should be the same.

That is how we become one with God, one with love and one with each other. 💗

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