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Cry Your Tears To Water Your Soul!

Wisdom comes from discomfort, as I get older I understand this more and more. It's not always easy to find comfort in uncomfortable places but there is some solace in knowing that whatever our current storm is, was or will be...we grow and wisdom is gained.

How many of us have said "I wish I knew then what I know now"? 🙋🏻‍♀️I know my hand is raised. I also know that I only know now what I wish I knew then, from being in an uncomfortable place.

Whether it's a lesson in love, relationships, grief, addiction or any other area, can any of us really say that we grew the most when all was well? Before the storm? I know I can't.

Today my anxiety is high....why? The world!!🌎 The world is so heavy right now for so many people for so many reasons and honestly there are moments it overwhelms me. So I cry...a lot! My head hurts and my eyes are swollen. Today feels like a bad day, but maybe it’s a good one....perspective.

God’s spirit told me today over and over to find comfort in my discomfort. That I'm learning and I am growing even when I don't see or feel it.

We all are!!!

Keep learning, keep growing, keep teaching and don’t ever stop.

Blessings 💗


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