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Blurred Lines

These are 2 of my babies as babies! I remember taking this picture so vividly because we didn’t know why my son was pointing up. Once we looked at the picture, we seen the orb. There was no doubt in our minds that we believed he was pointing to the spirit of his sister, Gianna. She was almost 2 years older but passed away due to a genetic condition just shy of 6 months old. When this picture popped up today, it reminded me of how many things are there that we cannot see, and how many things we do not see that are actually there. I want to remind you today to try and see what you can’t.....such as FAITH, LOVE and HOPE! I also want to remind you to be a little more observant of the things that we can see, that are sometimes easily overlooked....THE GOOD DEEDS, ANSWERED PRAYERS and OUR MANY BLESSINGS. Ultimately, what we can or cannot see has no bearing on its existence.

Today that orb reminded me to look up more! It reminded me to believe. Most importantly, it reminded me that even if I can’t see everything that’s there.... I can still believe that it is! 💕🥰

Be kind to yourself!


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