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Back To Basics.

We were living in a world where everything was so planned and calculated. We made sure to pencil in play dates, cringed when the doorbell unexpectedly rang and sent text reminders about what time Christmas dinner would be just to make sure everyone would be there.


We packed our schedules from sun up to sun down as if we had no choice and then complained we had no time.


The world we are used to surviving in has left us no space for living.

So now God, the universe, the omnipresent or whatever name you prefer, has called us all back. Back where? Back to basics!


So we can show up unexpectedly like we are in this pandemic and should have been doing all along.

-Strangers helping strangers

-Friends bringing unexpected goods to each other’s doorsteps.

-Farms being utilized and appreciated.

-Nobody judging you if you’re not wearing makeup or if you have a fresh manicure because not only do gloves and a mask cover it up but doesn’t matter!

All of the sudden we are remembering these type of generous and instinctual actions and finding such joy in the simplicity of it more than ever.

Are we or are we not realizing just how much of what was, simply didn’t matter and never will?

But again... Why?

Because if you take away the world and all of it’s worldliness... it is who we are. We are souls full of love, kindness, empathy, gratitude and generosity. We show up for others and others show up for us.

This my friends is how we show up for LIFE and how life shows up for us! how we LIVE! 💕

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