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A Little Time Out.

I just wanted to drop a little impromptu message to say I haven’t forgotten you all! I am planning to continue my anticipated pieces on our precious Gianna when the world settles a bit. Reliving some of those moments although therapeutic, are also very difficult. Writing those pieces, coupled with the current state of the world just makes it all a bit too heavy for me right now and possibly you too. I have received and read all of your beautiful comments to the Gianna pieces that have already been published and I want to extend a huge THANK YOU! Those messages continue to lift me up. I am so grateful for your support, love and even some of your very own personal stories. I promise not to leave her story untold or incomplete. In the meantime however, I will still write. I will still post. I will still aim to inspire, relate and be real. I hope you will continue to join me. There’s a new hashtag floating around #weareallinthistogether, I’m not sure why it’s new, but it’s definitely true! I look forward to our time and exchanges together here on She Wrote and I hope you do too. Blessings~



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