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Nicole W.

"Thank you for always giving me that push to be a better person, Tia. Your words are so inspirational".

Jasmyn Serrano

"Reading Tia's contribution to 'So God Made a Mother' solidified for me the passion and truth she shares. Tia's contribution to this book is completely in alignment with the Transformative Wellness work I have done with her".

Nakiya Troth

"I hired Tia to lead a Wellness Series for my up and coming Managers and I truly believe the messages and tips she shared on living your authentic life in the workplace and work-life balance added so much value to our new management team. Thank you Tia!"

Individual, Group and Corportate Sessions avaible on Tia's "More Than the Tea" page


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Do you have a question for Tia about Mental Health, Parenting, or something else?  Click the link below and look for a response on "Tea Talks with Tia" social media platforms.  

You may absolutely remain anonymous and Tia will give you a sophisticated English tea name 😉 when publishing.


Don't be shy! Let's share our questions, thoughts, and stories.  Remember, someone, somewhere is, was, or will be where you are today!


Let's support each other in the journey.

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