Picking sunflowers with my mom in Virginia Beach.


Baseball playoffs with my favorite boy! Go Cardinals!

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Me and my
firstborn living
our best life in Jamaica.  I’ve loved her the longest.  



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Mother’s Day 2021
me and half of my world.


Finding myself again in the Shenandoah Mountains....
beautiful memory! 

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The baby, my girl, the one who still thinks everyone and everything is glitter and rainbows. 


Hi, I'm Tia

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My name is Tia. I’m a writer and a registered nurse. My focus is on topics relating to Mental Health and Motherhood but depending on what’s going on in my life, the world and the lives of others you can expect more. I am not only a Mental Health advocate I am also a Mental Health Warrior. My personal experience being with anxiety, depression, post partum depression, PTSD, chronic invisible illness and a time or two with OCD. I have taken prescribed medication and I have taken holistic approaches in unison and separately. Everyone is not the same, hell, the same person isn’t always the same. You have to continuously find what works for you. What worked in 2017 may not work in 2021. It’s OK, something else will.


I have birthed 4 beautiful children who range from 9-24 years so I’ve been doing this mom thing for awhile now.  I have also held one of my them in my arms as they took their last breath here on earth. I try to live life beautifully but also grieve tremendously in unison every single day. 

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My world in one picture. Outer Banks, NC.

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My sweet angel Gianna. Beyond blessed to be her mom and beyond grief to not have her here with me long enough. God’s plans, not ours. 


I’m a spiritual christian NOT a religious one. 

This is important for me to distinguish, because my God

and the God I see some preach about on the internet are not the same.

My God IS LOVE, simple. That’s who he is in my bible that I read (1 John 4:8 and 1 John 4:16

for those who need to double check) and that’s who he will always be to me. That means he is black love, white love, immigrant love, gay love, straight love, mixed love, trans love, bi-love… just LOVE.  In any way shape or form, if it’s love then that’s my God. Love is not an attribute of my God it is just who he is. I also believe in Jesus and I absolutely do still love you if you don’t. Everyone is welcome here! I pride myself on the desire and ability to learn from those that are not the same as me and can appreciate differences. Our homes aren’t the same, our bodies aren’t the same so why should our minds be? I will reference faith and God in my writing.  Feel free to exchange my belief in “God” for your belief in the “Universe” or any other entity of love if you so wish.  My goal here

is not to convert anyone to anything. I’m here to encourage healing and helping. 

Oh yes, sometimes I swear. I try not to do it here, but it could happen. 


On a lighter note, I love 90’s and 2000’s (East Coast…because that’s important to know 😀 )gangsta rap, and R&B, but I also will sing the hell out of the Goo Goo Dolls and a good Trisha Yearwood.  


I’ve been a bibliophile my entire life and love to ride horses but I also miss New York City life and concerts.

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My Reno! He helped me heal! I can’t wait to ride him again.

Horsback riding with my ride or die, on the beaches of Southeast Florida.

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I believe I was an old English lady once upon a time, you know like the Dowager in Downton Abbey or the Queen in The Crown? I absolutely LOVE tea, England and all things fancy-schmancy, but I just finished the HBO series GIRLS, am currently wearing black leggings with a Notorious B.I.G T-shirt and have a pink scrunchy wrapped around my wrist. So I stay humble friends.  ​


Remembering who I was and the game changed.


Me in my home office (aka meditation room) taking some pics for you.  

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These things are important to know friends.  I am not a lot of a little, I am a little of a lot and that works for me.


My tight niche here is Mental Health and Motherhood like I mentioned earlier but life is so much more, we all are so much more and so I will give you so much more here too. If you read this far, I consider us friends and hope you will stay.  If you don’t want to miss the really good stuff, I recommend joining our email list for the most current updates, monthly Newsletter, freebies and tons of things we have planned to come! 


My cup runneth over that you are here!

Stay well & Sip slow friends,☕️